daisy (poptartpoet) wrote in happy_n_healthy,

welcomes and the self challenge

greetings healthful folks!

just a quick post to welcome all the new people that have joined our lil community as of late.
we are probably the quietest community in all of lj-land, but that's okay. when we are meant to be chatty we'll be chatty. and when we're meant to be nap-ish, we'll be nap-ish. :D

i also just wanted to let those that may be interested know about the self challenge.
it began on feb 20th but i believe you can begin it for yourself at anytime.
go to www.self.com/challenge to sign up.
if you are interested, of course.

sorry for the quick and abrupt post, but i'm somewhere where i don't have a lot of computer time.

happy march to each and every one of you!
may the blessings of spring be upon us soon.
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