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Happy 'N Healthy

A Daily Account of Health and Wellness For Body, Mind and Spirit

1/16/07 07:40 pm - poptartpoet - sparkalicious


just wanted to letcha'll know about something that has helped me become happy AND healthy.
and that is a fantastic website called www.sparkpeople.com.
it is unbelievable.
when i'm not out living life to the fullest, i spend my time there recording everything and get such amazing support.
it has helped me so much.

just thought i'd pass it along to anyone that feels it might be something they'd like to take a look at.

keep dancin',

6/13/06 11:04 am - boocheridoo - Company Wellness Program


My company is starting a wellness program, and we've decided to implement a 'wellness bucks' program as incentive. I am looking for ideas on both how to gain points and things we can use as prizes (preferably cheap or free).

Here is a list of things I have so far:
1+ mile walk at lunch .5 points
Events 1 point
Health Fair .5 points for each station
5 bonus points for hitting all stations
Smoking Cessation
1 month 1 point
3 months 2 points
6 months 3 points
1 year 4 points
Donate blood 3 points
Dental Cleaning (2 a year) 5 points
Yearly Physical 10 points
Yearly Eye Appointment 10 points
1 year gym membership 10 points

company store bucks
$25 Gift certificate
Prime parking space for 1 month
One hour paid time off (leave early on a Friday)

Also, if anyone has ever done something like this and has some advise, please share your experiences with me! :-)

Thanks in advance!!

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6/7/06 07:04 pm - djonma - Bit of a strange question...

I'm disabled. I have really bad problems with my muscles. They're a complete mess.
I can't do any kind of heavy exercise as I pay for it for weeks afterwards.

Walking is enough pain as it is.

But... I really do need to do something.

Right now I'm looking for ways to strengthen my ankles and wrists as I'm getting a lot of pain in them whenever I put any kind of weight on them.

If anyone can give me nice, gentle exercises that will slowly strengthen them to the point where I can do something a little more strenuous, I'd be really, really grateful!

I've cross-posted this to a few communities, so for some of them, there's really obvious stuff in the above.

3/19/06 09:55 am - poptartpoet - udo's choice part 2

actually the one i really want to know about is this one but it doesn't appear to be available here in canada.
but if anyone has anything good or bad to say about this supplement as well, i'd love to hear it.
thanx everyone!

namaste and joyous be,

3/19/06 09:42 am - poptartpoet - udo's choice

has anyone ever tried this oil blend before? or heard any comments good or not so good in regards to it? either in the liquid or capsule form?

3/3/06 09:49 am - tragwick

a friend of mine ended up taking some intense antibiotics after a dog bite a few months ago, and her digestive system seems to have been ravaged by them. she's been taking acidophilus for a few weeks now to try and get things back in balance, but hasn't noticed much of a difference. i've told her she should see her doctor again, and make sure she doesn't have colitis or something else going on. can anyone suggest any cleanses she should do or other home remedies? thank you!


3/1/06 01:10 pm - poptartpoet - welcomes and the self challenge

greetings healthful folks!

just a quick post to welcome all the new people that have joined our lil community as of late.
we are probably the quietest community in all of lj-land, but that's okay. when we are meant to be chatty we'll be chatty. and when we're meant to be nap-ish, we'll be nap-ish. :D

i also just wanted to let those that may be interested know about the self challenge.
it began on feb 20th but i believe you can begin it for yourself at anytime.
go to www.self.com/challenge to sign up.
if you are interested, of course.

sorry for the quick and abrupt post, but i'm somewhere where i don't have a lot of computer time.

happy march to each and every one of you!
may the blessings of spring be upon us soon.

12/31/05 11:06 am - poptartpoet - welcome and goals

greetings everyone!

over the last little while i've had some new folks join our wee and quiet community.
so here's a blessed welcome to each and every one of you.

the recent new sign-ups have got me to thinking. this definitely seems to be the time of year that people want to make some serious changes in their lives. most of which tend to be health-wise.
whether you believe in resolutions or goal-setting or in the buddhist philosophy of just living a well intentioned life, what are some of the changes you would like to bring into yourself? do you believe in making small obtainable, mini goals. or do you just believe with each day that you rise, that that day you will do the best that you can for that particular moment and activity? b'cuz if you happen to not keep your goal for that day, say to workout, at the end of the day have you let yourself down? do you feel that you have failed in some way? or do you just feel that you weren't meant to workout that day and that when you do workout it will be with all of the best intentions and you will put every bit of effort and energy into that particular session and not worry about what you did or didn't do previously? (wow, that was quite the run-on sentence)

anyway, i'd love to hear what your thoughts are on the subject.

here is wishing you all a safe, prosperous, and healthful 2006.

9/28/05 10:13 am - xnotxurxstar

i'm going to start taking some vitamins, but i was curious if there was anything i should be aware of.

i have nature's valley calcium, magnesium & zinc tablets (all 3 in 1 tablet). (333mg elemental calcium)...

i was just wondering if there is anything i should be aware of before taking them? will i notice anything different about myself? is it possible i will have too much calcium or magnesium?

9/27/05 10:58 am - steepingthought - Play Time

I was thinking a lot today about how much work I have been doing throughout the course of the day. Then I began to wonder how often I take the time to play as a form of relaxation during my breaks. What I mean by play is activities similar to those I did when I was younger—pretending, art projects, taking interest in everyday occurrences.

I feel such play time might be essential to helping me become happier. I am not saying all my free time should be stocked into play time, however I feel it may be something I need to try. I was quite a productive child during my play time. Though I feel, as adults, our forms of play have evolved and matured we really need to keep the fundamental principles of allowing our creativity to run wild, having fun with what we do, and understanding that we don’t have to be perfect in what we do to be happy with what we produce.

Does anyone else have ‘play-time’ in their daily life? What do you do and how does it work for you?

All my best,
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