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Happy 'N Healthy

A Daily Account of Health and Wellness For Body, Mind and Spirit

Health and Wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit
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This is a safe place for people to post about their daily successes and struggles with health and wellness.
Let's try to stay in the positive. Focusing on what does work for you. But by all means, this is meant to be a place for support so ask for help when you need it.

Feel free to post tips and ideas of recipes, work out regimes, and new and positive ways of being healthy.
Post daily about all the things for your health and well-being you did for that day.
ie: what exercises, what foods you ate, new recipes you tried or came up with, meditation, anything of a spiritual nature etc...

I wanted a place where I would share with others my accomplishments for that day, so that i might stick with my wellness plan much more.

Be kind, be gentle, be good to you.

Joyous Be!

*We will not tolerate racism, pornography or homophobia
*The moderator can delete posts at any time that are deemed inappropriate
*Treat others with the same respect and compassion for which you would like to be treated


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