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Happy 'N Healthy

A Daily Account of Health and Wellness For Body, Mind and Spirit

9/26/05 10:59 am - steepingthought - Updating me...

I have been thinking about this thread. I enjoy the name of it 'happy and healthy'--goals I stive to create in my own life.

I have been, as some of you may know, taking 15 credits in graduate school (3 classes and doing my thesis). Such a high volume of work stressed me out at times. I wonder often if I am capeable of doing such work. I keep reminding myself 'I can do this' and 'It's not going to be forever.' I really enjoy the work and all that I am learning, there is just so much is can be overwhelming at times. I am glad I am able to at times gain the support from my friends when I need it.

I have also been in a relationship for about two and a half months. The relationship is a good one, and I am loving growing with the person I am with. However, we entered in the relationship knowing that I will be going to Japan in January. Not just going for a visit, but moving there to live and work for at least a year. I really know not what I want to do. I am loving the relationship, just such distance is going to be hard and I am not sure if this person will be fully commited. Normally, I wouldn't have to decide such a thing so early, and I know I should really enjoy the relationship in there here and now. However, I can't help but know that the time to decide is coming. And I know the person I am with is, like me, scared about our future.

When I get stressed I do sun salutations or moon salutations depending on what time of day it is. It really makes me feel great in a short amount of time.

I just basically wanted to put a little something out here letting you all know what's going on with me and letting you all know that I am thinking about all of you, even though I don't know very much about you guys--though I would like to. I will write again soon.

All my best,

9/11/05 10:04 am - poptartpoet - sunday morn

good morning!

our wee community here, has been awfully quiet as of late. i can't believe that i, myself, haven't posted in a month.
i guess that is mostly b'cuz i haven't been particularly happy or healthy. i haven't necessarily been unhappy, i think i've just been far too busy and exhausted to make time for happy. not good. as for the healthy thing, the work thing is the same reason. i've been feeling fairly unhealthy for awhile now. and i so need to bring the focus back to my health. in all its forms; body, mind and spirit.
i'm not quite sure what my game plan is to bring a sense of happiness and healthfulness back into my world, but i just know that i need to start making a bigger effort. and small changes are always a good way to start.
i think if i put too much pressure on myself that every area of my life needs to be perfectly happy and healthy at all times, then i get so overwhelmed and not a whole heck of a lot of positive change is going to occur. so i think the goal for me, shall be baby steps.
now, i just have to figure out what those are...

take care one and all. breathe deeply, sigh luxuriously, laugh tremendously, and love unconditionally.
p.s. warm welcomings to any new folks that have joined us as of late.

8/17/05 08:47 pm - monslucis - Critique and feedback: my life plan

This is sort of like a plan for the coming year or few. I'm interested in feedback, particularly if there are things I could do to significantly improve my life that I haven't listed and for advice on the things I have listed to work on improving my life.
As you'll see, the areas are: healthy eating, exercise, housework, budgeting (minor), nurturing relationships, and broadening my horizons.

Mission statement:

Main Personal Objectives for the next year:
1. Strive for greater consciousness, esp. in the particular areas of eating, exercise, housework, and budgeting (more generally, allocate time better, be proactive, develop more and in a more planned way)
2. Nurture my relationships (TIPS ON THIS PLEASE!)
3. Broaden my horizons (cultural things such as art and poetry, natural sciences) [tips on this as well!]

Track all money being spent (item, cost, date)
Implement "Getting Things Done" workflow management system further

Wake up earlier (move toward slowly, after catching up on sleep)
Nothing online: focus on proactive, productive work
Regular exercise
Regular study at home and on subway

At work (do personal errands and studying when possible)
Light reading on subway home (b/c more tired)

Organize different areas of house (temporary till house is set-up; moved in recently)
Do regular housework (set aside one evening each week for housework)
Read: light reading (for now, read 1 chapter of GTD book a night)
Relax more
Catch up on sleep (go to bed earlier)

Short term: work on organizing different areas of house more

Weekly to Monthly:
Dinners with meg and with friends (move to weekly dinners with friends)
Cultural events
Nurture relationships: Jackson friends and family (write letters? or emails? and phone calls)

Yearly goals:
Possibly long weekends quarterly with Meg (spend time away from bustle)

Implementation plan
Organize with the "Getting Things Done" system: develop project plans for each goal or group of goals and then define the next, specific step to move toward achieving those goals.
(I use this program by the way: trimpath.com/demos/nextaction_static1/nextaction.htm which is really cool.)

Subplans that I'm still working on:
Healthy eating
Budget [this I'm tracking all my money for 2 months and will then develop a budget]
Getting Things Done system

8/12/05 05:21 pm - poptartpoet - greetings all!

it's been awhile and i thought i'd pop on and say hello.
things in my life have been interesting to say the least. some good news has come our way, some not so good news and some adjustments to my routine need to be made.
i started a new job which is great but have been having some slight difficulty getting used to the toll it is taking on my system and my being healthy and active has slightly ceased. which is so silly, cuz this is when i need to take care of myself the most. i think i just need to give myself some time to get used to my new schedule and hopefully all will work itself out.

this morning i did a much longer and more indepth yoga practice before work. i tried to focus my asanas on ones that help in strengthening my back and legs. i'm not sure if i've mentioned this on here before but i have a chronic pain illness called fibromyalgia. it's nothing horrifically serious but it definitely alters your lifestyle tremendously and can make a job like retail (standing on your feet for hours at a time) a little more challenging. so i'm hoping that focusing on my lower body during my yoga practice will alleviate some of the pain and discomfort and make my body that much stronger. for all you yogis on the list, if you know of any specific postures that would really benefit please let me know. and if i'm not already doing them, i'll add 'em in. :D

just cuz i am a tea devotee and i think the whole world would be a much better place if everyone drank more tea, i will share with you yet again another tea i have tried that is just simply divine. in fact it is so fabulous that i actually wrote about it in my personal, handwritten diary. it was that good!
it is by celestial seasonings and its called white tea perfectly pear. it has a hint of vanilla in it as well and it is just lovely.

so, go forth, be merry, drink tea and breathe deeply!
namaste and many happy blessings,
p.s. welcome to the newcomers this week! enjoy your stay!

8/5/05 09:25 pm - phoenix_flames - help

ya...one of those days...a bog old fat day...any other people have these? Yep def a fat day.....need to go read my eating disorder shit..I hate that this is always an issue...that I always have to be aware...


8/3/05 02:18 pm - poptartpoet - happy mail

twice now i have been saved from a mood of feeling sorry for myself/left out, bitter, angsty, and angry by focusing on others.
what i've done is sit myself down and do some good ol' fashioned snail mailing.
there was one evening a month ago that i just couldn't get my mind off of things so i grabbed all my stationary type stuff and made a list of people to send a wee little note card or postcard to.
as i began to do them, the list grew. i started thinking of people that could really use it or who just hadn't heard from me in a long while.
it was an amazing process to view.
my miserable, pity-party mood totally dissipated. i completely forgot about myself and just focused on the task at hand. and of the folks in my life who would enjoy getting something fun in the mail.
who doesn't?!
we get bombarded with so much 'grown-up' mail that we just hope that today will be the day that we open the mailbox and see something with a hand-written address and in all different colours of ink. maybe a stamp imprint or cute sticker or two.

so for those of you that feel its been awhile since you've received just a little something lovely in the mail for no reason at all, feel free to email me your snail mail address and i'll send something off to you the next time i sit down to send some cheer the vintage way.

email me at maidenmothercronedaughter at yahoo dot com.
i will not post your address anywhere at any time.
this is just something i'd like to do for you folks if you are interested.

happy, healthy blessings!

8/2/05 02:29 pm - corporalita - Outdoor Yoga

I recently started doing yoga outside, which is simply wonderful. Why haven't I done this before? It's so much different to stand on actual earth, which isn't even and requires some more core work for balance. I like going up into Shoulderstand and seeing the blue sky and puffy clouds behind my feet. When I practice my Headstand, I use an actual tree as my backup. I like standing steady in Tadasana and hearing birds chirp, leaves rustling, kids playing. The best is when I'm in an intense balance pose (for instance, headstand or crow) and a little light breeze kicks up and cools me off, like I'm being rewarded for holding the posture.

Instead of a real yoga mat I'm using this giant "super mat" thing, which is supposed to be a picnic blanket of some sorts, but what I love about it is that the bottom is waterproof, so I can take it on a dewy lawn and not have the moisture seep through. The downsides, though, are that it's a tad short (my feet sometimes dangle in the grass), and the blue material gets all over me when I'm sweaty.

But it works fine for my outdoorsy yoga, and it folds up very nicely with a velcro handle.

I will definitely keep taking advantage of this summer weather and do outdoors yoga as much as Mother Nature will let me!

So far I've practiced in a park and on a lawn by a river ... what unconventional places do YOU practice?

7/31/05 09:19 am - steepingthought - Working Myself Off Dairy

With the exception of yogurt I am working to cut major sources of dairy out of my diet, mainly milk and cheese. I am not opposed to eating them on occasion but, where I can help it, I would rather not eat these products. I always feel much better after not consuming large quantities of dairy. However, not eating dairy is a little bit difficult since I have loved milk and cheese for quite some time. I have been switching my drinking of milk to soy-milk. I now only drink a cup of soymilk with my oatmeal every morning and my desire for actual milk has run down to basically nothing—I have no real desire to drink actual milk anymore. The only problem is I still enjoy the taste of cheese. I am going to be looking today at soy-cheese and see if I can, like I did with soy-milk, curve my desire for cheese. I really think the less dairy I eat the better. This is just how I feel; I hope that eating less dairy, as I have heard, will have a good impact on my skin!

Hope you all are doing well.
Peace on!

7/30/05 12:11 pm - steepingthought - Well Rested and Happy

I hope everyone is doing well. I was terribly tired last night and went to bed early. Luckily, I slept extremely well and have had a quite a fabulous day.

I began my sun salutations as I mentioned. I began with doing two one morning. I was surprised at how uncomplicated the series is once I completed them. I was also presently surprised at how good my body felt after only completing a couple of them. Once I feel the sun salutations are incorporated into my daily way of life I plan to incorporation the moon salutations into my evenings in a similar fashion. Thank you all for your encouraging words in getting me started.

I have been continually working hard in finishing my MA. I just got back one of my grade from a summer graduate class I took—I got an A- and am very pleased with myself. I have been very diligent in taking care of my body while I mind my studies. I try to eat right as often as I can and exercise where time permits. I have been doing quite well given my busy schedule.

Sometimes I neglect my body when I am fully engaged in the world of academia. I often comment how I don’t feel bad in comparison to musicians and actors who have fantastic bodies, my reasoning being “if it were my job to look good, then I could easily do so.” However, having a healthy body is, in a way, my job. My body is the vehicle in which my spirit resides. I have been blessed to have a healthy body with no problems aside from the occasional mild illness. Being so blessed it is my job to take care of my body to the best of my ability. Of course I leave room for fault and understanding. I am just saying for me, I think being healthy should be highly looked upon in my life and not just something I do “if I have time.”

My boyfriend, Hao, is going to cook me dinner tonight. After one of his fantastic meals we are going to do some more reading together. We read aloud to each-other from a book we choose together. Currently we are working through “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” to prepare for the movie in December. Each day spent with Hao has been wonderful. I have never expected to meet someone as caring, loving, understanding, and fascinating as he is.

I am moving to Japan this January—both Hao and I entered into and stay in the relationship knowing this. Each day, as what Hao and I share becomes even more wonderful, the time we have left together dwindles. We both know we have to reach for our dreams and know there will be a time that our relationship just has to break no matter how happy we are. We have the philosophy of enjoy what we have now and that if we are meant to be together everything will eventually work out. The relationship is so bitter-sweet. However, there is so much more sweet orange pulp than rind in this marmalade.

I am off to continue some research, buy some sunflowers, and then I will see Hao for dinner.
Peace On! Be well,
All my best,

7/28/05 08:28 pm - theotherhand - New Around Here

Hello, I'm new and I thought it would be proper to introduce myself. I'm called D, and I'm an American living in Derby, England. I'll be 20 next week, I'm married, and I have a 10.5 month old son. I'm currently working towards getting rid of the negativity and weight in my life and replacing it with a better, happier, me for myself and for my family.

My current plan of action involved me taking all the negative groups off of my friend's list and reaplcing them with ones like this, changing the programmes I watch on TV, and making better choices on what I read and eat. I'm using a few books that I found in the library, one especially about aligning chakras seemed really common sense and I'm using the lists in the back of each chapter as a step-by-step guide on cleaning out the bad and bring back the happiness into my life, and that of my family and those around me.

I'm hoping to use this community as a way to surround myself with positivity rather than all the pain and hatred that surrounds us in the media and world today. I'm hoping to connect with other people who want a happier life.
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