D.T.G (steepingthought) wrote in happy_n_healthy,

Play Time

I was thinking a lot today about how much work I have been doing throughout the course of the day. Then I began to wonder how often I take the time to play as a form of relaxation during my breaks. What I mean by play is activities similar to those I did when I was younger—pretending, art projects, taking interest in everyday occurrences.

I feel such play time might be essential to helping me become happier. I am not saying all my free time should be stocked into play time, however I feel it may be something I need to try. I was quite a productive child during my play time. Though I feel, as adults, our forms of play have evolved and matured we really need to keep the fundamental principles of allowing our creativity to run wild, having fun with what we do, and understanding that we don’t have to be perfect in what we do to be happy with what we produce.

Does anyone else have ‘play-time’ in their daily life? What do you do and how does it work for you?

All my best,
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